Tailored Education For Children With Disabilities.

CE Academy an independent school (non-profit private school) offering quality education to children with disabilities.  We deliver a tailored program to each child offering the benefits of Conductive Education and the learning requirements of the Ontario Curriculum.

CE Academy use Conductive Education (CE) to help children become more independent and reach their fullest potential. 

Join us on the Conductive Education Journey, as we raise awareness about the many benefits of CE for children with physical disabilities.  

A child experiencing conductive education at CE Academy

We Work Closely With All Our Partners

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The CE Academy Story

A mother dedicated to helping her child with cerebral palsy and a conductor with a dream to help children reach their greatest potential created the CE Academy.  

Our founders are dedicated to helping children with disabilities access quality education and reach independence through Conductive Education.

Changing Lives, One Child At A Time.

Our team

We have a diverse array of team members to provide your child with the best support.

A photo of Sophie Loszmann
Sophie Loszmann
Co-Founder, Principal, and Lead Conductor

With a desire to assist children in improving their quality of life and help them become more independent, Sophie hopes to raise awareness about Conductive Education (CE) and promote it as an effective method for those with neurological conditions. Currently offers CE to children of various ages, providing classes every day. Her “teach to learn” philosophy has been recognized by the community awarding her with the “Star of Mississauga South Award”

A photo of Miriam Gaid
Miriam Gaid
Co-Founder and Director

Miriam Gaid is the mother of twins, one of whom was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months of age. Miriam sought to create a customized educational program and facility, specifically designed for children with neurological conditions, that would offer the physical and therapeutic support they need while providing an Ontario-based education curriculum. With a shared vision and a desire to provide children with neurological conditions a place to grow both physically and academically, Sophie and Miriam established The CE Academy.

A photo of Cassandra Farrugia
Cassandra Farrugia 

Cassandra Farrugia is a OCT teacher who specializes in special education. She received her degree from Nipissing University and is qualified at the primary/junior level. In combination with her BEd, Cassandra completed her BA with a minor in psychology and leadership at Wilfrid Laurier University. She holds additional qualifications in the area of special education and is currently pursuing her masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Cassandra is passionate about education, inclusion, and equal access for all.

A photo of Shelley Neal
Shelley Neal 
Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT)

Shelley Neal is a Special Education Teacher with 33 years of experience with the Toronto District School Board.  She has a passion for education, special education and advocating for the inclusion of her students. Shelley received the “Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence” in 2015 for her work at Bloorview School Authority, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

A photo of Fruzsina Darabos
Fruzsina Darabos
A photo of Kathleen Reyes
Kathleen Reyes
A photo of Kristina Saric 
Kristina Saric 
Lead Education Assistant
A photo of Alessia D’Orazio
Alessia D’Orazio
Early Childhood Educator (ECE)
A photo of Flordeliza Dante 
Flordeliza Dante 
Early Childhood Educator (ECE)
A photo of Gabi Mandle
Gabi Mandl
Therapeutic Arts Specialist
A photo of Stevie Millett
Stevie Millett
Personal Support Worker (PSW)
A photo of Raelyn Hobbs
Raelyn Hobbs
Educational Assistant (EA)
A photo of Szilvia Bokor
Szilvia Bokor
Educational Assistant (EA)
A photo of Szilvia Bokor
Shannon Hundt
Educational Assistant (EA)