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The Conductive Education Learning Model is a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on the education, training, development and motor advancement of individuals with various motor function disabilities.

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"Based On The Belief That All Individuals Have The Ability To Learn, Develop And Progress Physically Regardless Of Their Starting Point."

Our Education Programs

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Conductive Education Integrated With Life Skills (CEILS)

This program focuses on motor development, activities of daily living, communication, literacy and numeracy skill.  To best support the student, an IEP os developed with the school team and the parents.

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Conductive Education Integrated With Academics (CEIA)

The program focuses on motor development and academic advancement using the Ontario Curriculum.  To best support the student, an IEP os developed with the school team and the parents.

Full-Time and Part-Time Available

Classroom Programs

Our education programs combine the Ontario Curriculum with Conductive Education to provide you with tailored learning options.

Full-Time and Part-Time Available

Virtual Programs

Our Academy is flexible for your family providing learning options at-home through virtual-live classroom education options for your family.

HOlidays and summer Programs

Camp Programs

Our camp programs help you get started before you immerse your child into a Conductive Education learning environment.

Common Questions About CE Academy

Conductive Education helps children with disabilities achieve independence.

Who can benefit from Conductive Education?
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  • Children with neurological conditions that impact motor development and/or result in motor delays such as cerebral palsy, stroke, seizure disorders, acquired brain injury (ABI)
  • Other genetic conditions or chromosomal abnormalities that impact motor development and/or result in motor delays such as Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X, Angelman Syndrome, Kabuki SyndromeDiagnosis of Global Developmental Delay
How can I enrol my child?
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  • After an initial assessment, we work with you to determine the best fit for your child at CE Academy.
  • Once we have determined the best program for your child, we work together to provide you flexible options that fit your families needs
  • Whether in-person, or virtual-live educational programs, CE Academy will support you and your child.
Are there any fees for joining CE Academy?
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  • Yes, tuition fees are paid for by parents.
How much are tuition fees for current program offerings
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  • The fees are dependant on the program offering selected by your family.
  • We offer flexible payment options to help families in providing a tailored education.

In The Classroom

Learning and motor development are promoted through a structured teaching environment led by a conductor and teacher.

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CE Equipment

Learning and physical development are facilitated through the use of specific furniture and equipment that encourage motor function and are designed for independent sitting, standing, walking as well as improving fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and self-care.

A photo of a child reading at CE Academy

CE Conductors

Conductors lead the physical programs.  They must complete four years of university education and training focusing on the principles of Conductive Education, cerebral palsy and special education (they also receive a teaching degree).  CE training is completed at the Peto Institute in Budapest, a training institute that is recognized worldwide. 

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Group Learning

The program is carried in group settings with children of varying ages and abilities thereby enhancing social interactions such as motivation, support and learning from each other.

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Tailored Programs

Our unique programs offer children the opportunity to access therapy and education under one roof. We offer the Ontario Curriculum in a physical and learning environment customized for children with physical disabilities. Each classroom has a conductor, a teacher and enough assistants to ensure the ratio of staff to children is at least one to two.

Our Enrolment
Process Is Easy

Speak With Us

We take the time to learn more about you and your child.

Child Assessment

We work together to determine the best supports for your child.

First-Day At School

Whether in-person or online, we have flexible learning options.